About Us

  Founded in 2015, Vape Weiser is a company that strives to provide customers with top of the line, quality e-juices and Vaporizers for less. wether you are curious about ditching tobacco or one of  those advanced techy vapers who are the true hobbyists, our goal is to provide you with the best product and the satisfaction in buying it. Our mouthwatering flavors will definitely maximize your vaping experience and provide you with an enjoyable alternative to smoking.

  Our e-liquid is made of only U.S. Grade ingredients and Kosher certified Vegetable glycerin and proplyne glycol.  We do NOT use diacetyl or acetyl propinyl and Titanium Dioxide/Oxide. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our mixes. Our juices don’t hit the store until they’re perfected and gone through quality control like no other.Our juice goes far beyond food grade, they are designed to be inhaled!

  When it comes to shopping we’re giving you the best of both worlds. Although there some awesome advantages of shopping in the comfort of your own home, brick and mortar shopping allow you to touch, feel, and see our electronic cigarettes and, most importantly, taste our variety of flavors before you buy. Use our store locator to find the nearest Vape Weiser authorized dealer near you.